Arkansas Spinal Care Decompression and Laser Center

Dr. Keith Currie
Dr. Keith Currie, D.C. and Dr. Natalie Currie, D.C own and operate Arkansas Spinal Care and Laser Center. They attended undergraduate college in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where they were both pre-med majors. Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, they received their Doctorate training in Kansas City, Missouri.

They opened their practice in January, 2004. During that time, they have treated thousands of patients who had previously suffered from severe and chronic pain. People who had lost their quality of life, but can live life on their own terms again.

Currently, their practice is located at 1100 Bob Courtway Drive in Conway, Arkansas. They recently expanded their clinic to 4,000 square feet due to the necessity to meet patient demand. Their clinic is unique in that it is the only clinic in the world that offers the treatments with the DRX9000, Brain Based Rehabilitation and other therapies packaged together to relieve chronic pain. .


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