Dr. Keith Currie, Little Rock Back Doctor

Dr. Currie to Further Doctorate Education to Become Chiropractic Internist

Dr. Keith Curie is continuing into his second year of post doctorate education to become a Chiropractic Internist. Dr. Currie recently attended a 12 hour seminar on Natural Strategies in Laboratory Testing. It is part of his continued dedication to providing the best in natural healthcare for his patients.

While only required to attend 24 hours of continuing education annually, Dr. Currie will be attending a minimum of 144 hours this year. All coursework is related to natural and non-invasive healthcare and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Currie believes strongly in the concept that the best way to health is through nutrition and lifestyle modification instead of utilizing often dangerous and risky approaches that have multiple side effects. He is aggressively pursuing his goals of helping his patients improve their quality of life through natural methods.