Frequently Asked Questions About Currie Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center, Neuropathy, & Pain Relief Treatments

Do you take insurance?

My receptionist is instructed to not discuss insurance with anyone over the phone. She doesn’t even know all of those details. She is just the phone person that schedules my appointments. I offer a $245.00 free consultation and anyone can come in and meet with me. I discuss all insurance questions during the free consultations face to face.


Does Dr. Currie do surgery?

No!!! All of my procedures are non-invasive. I don’t do injections because they actually damage the soft tissues. I don’t burn the nerve roots because that causes scar tissue. I don’t do surgery because has a high failure rate and very poor long term outlook for the patient.


Does Dr. Currie do laser surgery?

No. Dr. Currie treats many patients who have had failed laser surgery! Dr. Currie prides himself on helping people recover without medications or surgery. Dr. Currie’s Laser is a Class IV Deep Tissue Laser that does not cut or burn. It is the LiteCure Deep Tissue Laser. It penetrates 6-9 inches into the tissues and reduces inflammation and provides pain relief at a level that other therapies are simply unable to achieve. It is not a Class 3b cold laser, but instead a true Class IV Laser. The difference is that Class 3b lasers are milli-watts and can only penetrate superficially (between 1-2 inches), while Dr. Currie’s Class IV Laser penetrates to between 6-9 inches with a full 10 watts. Patients often get relief with only one treatment!


How long do treatments last?

It depends on what condition a patient has that needs to be treated. Most treatments take about 1.5-2 hours. They are the first 3 days of the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).


Do the treatments hurt?

Typically, most patients lay on the computerized machines and take a nap while going through their therapeutic treatments. Most patients do not have pain during the treatments. Almost all patients LOVE the laser. Even though it doesn’t produce heat, it feels warm and soothing and gets the feeling of heat deep into the body and patients can tell that it is getting the laser light energy deep inside of the body where it is doing good.


What can Dr. Currie do for Neuropathy when all of my Drs. tell me that it is my Diabetes that is causing the problem and that I’m going to have to live with it?

Dr. Currie uses his proprietary Neuropathy Treatment Protocol to increase the circulation, and restore nerve oxygenation. He has helped many diabetic patients with their neuropathy and also many non-diabetic neuropathy sufferers.


Why aren’t the drugs that the Drs. are giving me helping me?

The drugs are not designed to cure anything. The are not going to the root cause of the problem. They are simply covering up and masking the symptoms (often with quite harmful and dangerous side effects).


What could Dr. Currie’s program do for me when nothing else has helped?

By treating the true cause of the problem instead of covering up the symptoms, better health can be achieved and therefore, relief.


I’ve seen many written and video testimonials of Dr. Currie’s patients on t.v. and in the newspaper over the last 12 years. Are any of these testimonials actors? Are they all real?

Every single testimonial that Dr. Currie has ever used were real patients who gladly volunteered their testimony in order to help others recognize that Dr. Currie’s program had changed their lives in ways that no other treatments or Drs. had been able to do. They were all 100% real and even more of them can be seen on Dr. Currie’s youtube channel.


How long will it take before I can tell if Dr. Currie’s treatments are helping me?

I wish that were an easy answer, but it’s not. Yes, I have had many patients think that they had a miracle after one treatment. However, most patients notice a steady improvement as they are going through care. Every patient is different and I have had some patients who responded really fast and other patients who responded slow. I tell every patient that communication is the key. I want to know all of the details about how every patient is feeling day to day. Good and bad. It’s all important! It gives me insight and clues as to what is working and what is not working so that I can direct the treatments in the best direction for success.


Am I too old to do Dr. Currie’s treatments?

I have treated patients from young to old. The youngest patients that I will treat have to 18 years old. The oldest patients I have treated were 93. I have had several 93 year old patients and the most recent, drove herself from Fort Meyers, Florida!


My Dr. tells me that I have arthritis and bone spurs and that is why I hurt. How can you help with that?

All of my patients have arthritis and bone spurs. Another name for arthritis in the spine is Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Disc Disease. It’s the same thing. The only reason your Dr. has told you that there is nothing that can be done about it, is because they can’t do anything themselves and they aren’t educated about other options such as what I do with my patients. True, I can’t get rid of the arthritis. However, my treatment methods have been proven time and time again to give incredible relief to people who had been told that they couldn’t get relief because it was arthritis causing their problems.

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